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Trump Administration to ban flavoured e-Cigarettes

Trump Administration to ban flavoured e-Cigarettes

Last Wednesday, the US President Mr. Donald Trump stated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was planning to come up with a set of strong recommendations regarding the usage of flavored e-cigarettes in the upcoming weeks.

Alex Azar, who is the US Health Secretary announced during a press conference that the FDA would announce an enforcement policy which had been proposed recently. Once the law comes into force, the company selling flavored e-cigarettes would have to remove their products from the market. The US President, the First Lady Melania Trump and the acting commissioner of FDA were also present during this event.

The Health Secretary further stated that the government would take several weeks to prepare a draft of final guidance. It will contain all the parameters regarding the enforcement policy. As it is customary, there would be an about 30-day delay to the effective date. However, at a point, e-cigarettes that are flavored would be removed from the market.

He further stated that the companies which produce tobacco-based e-cigarettes would get time till May 20, 2020, to file for approval before the FDA. During the same duration, the manufacturers who produce flavored e-cigarettes would also get a chance to register for the support before the FDA. 

According to the Health Officials from Kansas, until now, six people have died due to lung-related diseases. These diseases were caused due to vaping in excessive amount.

The State Health Departments, the FDA, along with the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, have started investigating these deaths. Until now, the officials have been unsuccessful in finding a clear connection or a definite cause between these cases. However, they have managed to zero upon certain clues.

Until last week the health officials had reported over 495 cases of possible lung diseases. Even the American First Lady has raised her concerns regarding the use of e-cigarettes, especially among young children. 

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